Arab Forum Calls For Russia and China Boycott

Vehemently condemning the brutal Syrian regime's atrocities against the people, the Arab Solidarity Forum expressed its deepest regret and strong condemnation to the suffering of the Syrian people, amid Arab

Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Boycotting Bashar Regime, Expelling His Ambassadors

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman, described China and Russia’s stance in using their veto in favor of the Syrian regime as “shameful, does not recognize humanity; does not

Katatni Demands Egyptian Interior Ministry Stop Use of Force Against Demonstrators

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Speaker of the Egyptian People's Assembly (PA), called upon Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim Youssef to prevent Ministry guards and police forces securing the Interior Ministry from

Muslim Brotherhood in Syria to the World: Time to Intervene to End Horrific Massacres

Spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), in Syria Zoheir Salem, stated that it was not surprising that Syria's leader, Bashar Al-Assad continued with his murders against Syrian protestors Friday as

Jordan Muslim Brotherhood: Russia and China Justify Al-Assad’s Crimes in Syria, Must Be Boycotted

Dr. Hammam Saeed, Muslim Brotherhood leader in Jordan, called for a general boycott of Russian and Chinese goods after both countries used the so-called Veto in the UN Security Council

Freedom and Justice Party MPs Seek End to Clashes Between Police and Demonstrators in Egypt,

On Sunday afternoon, a number of Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) MPs came out in Mohamed Mahmoud Street in the vicinity of the Interior Ministry, including Dr. Osama Yassin, Assistant

Recommendations of The Committee on Defense and National Security

The Committee on Defense and National Security (CDNS) ended its emergency, angry session last night by submitting a list of recommendations about recent violent events, including: