Khaled Azhari : Syndicate Freedoms Law a General Union of Workers Top Priority

GUW dialogue with workers helps settle labor disputes quickly, averts legal and strike action.

Freedom and Justice Party Renews Call for National Consensus Government; Rejects Borrowing Policy, Women’s Council

With lawlessness and chaos on the rise in the Egyptian street, the FJP demands a new, coalition government must replace PM Al-Ganzouri’s transitional one currently at a loss to steer

Hanafi: Specific Guarantees Required to Safeguard Presidential Election Integrity

Freedom and Justice Party MP Jamal Hanafi has declared resolve to secure Egyptian Elections Commission guarantees for integrity and transparency of upcoming presidential elections.

Katatni, McCain Discuss Egypt-US Relations

U.S. Senator McCain meets with Dr. Katatni, in Cairo, to resolve NGO foreign funding crisis that threatens mutual relations; says “Cutting aid would not help”.

FJP Press Release # 12 – Shura Elections, Phase II

Shura Council (original Arabic literally means: Consultative Assembly) is Egyptian Parliament’s Upper House which plays a decisive role in selecting members of the Constituent Assembly of the new Constitution.

Dr. Khattab: Brotherhood’s Badie Art Statements Bode Well

Muslim Brotherhood is a real boon for Egyptian Cinema Revival, with refined, inspired and innovative productions that elevate and empower, rather than degrade and debase.

Dr. Morsi Meets with India’s Ambassador

FJP Chairman has stated that candidates for the upcoming presidential elections stand on equal footing as far as the party is concerned.