FJP Press Release # 14– Egyptian Shura Council Election Results

The Judicial Committee overseeing the re-run of the second and last phase of the ‘Shura Council’ elections has announced that the Freedom and Justice Party's (FJP), individual and party lists

Morsi: Selection of Constituent Assembly Drafting Constitution Begins in March

Freedom and Justice Party will field no presidential candidate, but is ready and willing to form new government to represent popular will and involve all Egyptians in rejuvenation efforts.

Egyptian Parliament’s Arab Affairs Committee Urges Syria Support

As Assad follows in Gaddafi’s footsteps, Egyptian Brotherhood leader Dr. Beltagy demands urgent support for Syrian Revolution, and Egypt’s Parliament escalates tone against ruthless regime.

Dr. Ghozlan: We Will Persist in Service of Egypt and All Egyptians

Brotherhood vows to continue giving, rebuilding the Egyptian homeland, regardless of dark and treacherous plots being hatched against it.

FJP Press Release # 13 – Egyptian Shura Council Election Results

Massive victory announced for Freedom and Justice party candidates in the second phase of Shura Council elections.

Heshmat Rejects Foreign Interference in Drafting Constitution

Egypt refuses foreign ‘help’ drawing up its first post-revolution Constitution, as the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing, the FJP, insist on forming all-inclusive Constituent Assembly.