Former Egyptian IM Eissawy: Banning Brotherhood From Joining Police Academy Injustice

Eissawy: Had Muslim Brotherhood been in charge during Mohamed Mahmoud St. bloody events, they would have defused situation without bloodshed, just like they did when they protected MPs entering the

Abdel-Maksoud: Muslim Brotherhood Has Constitutional, Judicial and Popular Legitimacy

Brotherhood lawyer explains that the MB is in fact legal Since 1928, has never been officially dissolved by any legally binding final court decision, resolution or judgment; and that it

Susan Saad Zaghloul, the Only Woman Winner of Individual Seats in Egyptian Elections

Susan Saad Zaghloul was defeated by Mubarak fraud in 2010 elections, helped to a resounding victory by the 2012 revolution.

Dr. Morsi: Aboul Fotouh Incident Not Simply Criminal

In a press statement, the Freedom and Justice Party warned that Egypt is threatened with a deadly spiral of organized violence that has already started sweeping the entire country.