Lawyers Syndicate Elections Run Smoothly

Smooth start for Egyptian lawyers’ union elections mark resounding win for Muslim Brotherhood Sharia Committee.

Hassan Malik Organizes International Conference to Support Egypt’s Economy Through Business

‘EBDA’ business association aims high for Egypt’s economic renaissance, led by Brotherhood businessman Malek.

Insight: As government-in-waiting, Egypt’s Brotherhood finds voice

(Reuters) - At the end of January, a guest speaker drew an unusually large audience of diplomats to the 33rd floor auditorium at the Egyptian Foreign Ministry headquarters in Cairo.

Freedom and Justice Party Nominates Dr. Ahmed Fahmi for Shura Council Speaker

Forty : Sixty is perfect vision for Egypt’s Constituent Assembly (CA), according to the FJP Legal Committee, which envisages selection of only 40 MPs from Parliament and 60 non-parliamentarians for

Dr. Badie Interview with Freedom and Justice Newspaper – Wednesday, February 22

Dr. Badie believes Copts and all political parties and stakeholders in Egypt are partners in the one homeland, must respect democracy and the will of the people; and asserts that

Muslim Brotherhood Lawyers: More Charges To be leveled Against Mubarak, in Addition to Murdering Demonstrators

If the murder-of-demonstrators case against Mubarak fails to earn him the death penalty, there are many victims of his defunct regime who are willing to bring more charges against him.