Dr. Manal Abul Hassan: We Denounce Suzanne Mubarak’s Council Meddling in Women’s Rights

Egypt’s new National Council for Women is managed and controlled by Suzanne, the wife of ousted president Mubarak, together with her confidants, cronies and chums; something which draws the ire

Farid Ismail: Parliament May Withdraw Confidence from Ganzouri Government

The Freedom and Justice party begins extensive talks and coordination efforts with all political stakeholders and professional experts in Egypt, in order to urgently form a national consensus government as

Morsi: Freedom and Justice Party to Introduce Bill in Parliament Regulating NGOs

At the FJP's headquarters, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Party Chairman, received on Monday afternoon James Moran, the European Union Ambassador to Egypt, who vowed support for Egypt's transition to Democracy.

MB Statement on the Case of Foreign Funding of Non-Governmental Organizations

Whereas the Brotherhood condemns any pressure brought on the judiciary in the NGO case or any other, it backs civil organizations’ right to freedom and independence.

Catholic Church Welcomes Muslim Brotherhood Dialogue; Orthodox Church Awaits Badie Visit

The Brotherhood welcomes Egyptian Church’s goodwill gesture, prays for the Pope’s full recovery, and announces “our door is open to all” for friendly objective discussions to bridge views and forge

60% Of Egyptians Undecided on Favorite Presidency Candidate

Deciding factors of Egyptians in the selection of their new president: 73% are persuaded by presidential hopeful’s personality; and 21% go by a candidate’s election platform.

Dr. Morsi receives Indian Foreign Minister, Discuss Investments and Economic Relations

FJP head meets with Indian officials to discuss improving economic and political bilateral relations, and presses India’s FM for action to stop daily bloodshed in Syria.