Katatni: Egypt Needs All Citizens’ Expertise and Experience

The Speaker of Egyptian People’s Assembly says FJP is prepared to take the helm due to popular pressure, following the interim government's inability to achieve desired security and economic progress;

Ganzouri Government Performance Weak, Shaky; Withdrawing Confidence is Only Solution

Dr. Ahmed Fahmi assures «Freedom and Justice» newspaper that efficiency standards will govern the selection of new press leaders, and that changes are on the way in the Human Rights

Katatni Presents 6-Point Initiative to Stop Assad Massacres in Syria

At the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (AIPU) Conference in Kuwait, Dr. Katatni said that the Arab Spring will re-draw the region’s maps, and that the revolution in Syria will surely achieve

Unique Alexandria Expo Promotes Micro Enterprises

Egyptian seaport city Alexandria hosts the first Small & Micro Enterprise Exhibition of its kind, organized by the Freedom and Justice Party Women’s Committee, with a group of businessmen contributing