Parliament Inclined to Reject World Bank Loan

While MP Al-Husseini says Parliament is looking for alternatives to international loans, stressing that they would politically and economically chain down any upcoming government; Fahmi Abdu reveals that MPs have

Heshmat: Formation of Constituent Assembly Drafting Constitution March 24th

MP Heshmat reiterates that Egypt’s new constitution does not represent a particular political stream or party, but the whole country and its stakeholders.

Ghozlan: Right Persons for Presidency

The Brotherhood’s Dr. Ghozlan has his mind set on a number of persons he believes are right for Egypt’s top job. Can he persuade them to run for the presidency?

Brotherhood Leader Visits Pope Shenouda; Wishes Him Good Health

In a warm meeting with Pope Shenouda III, Egyptian Brotherhood’s chief Dr. Badie prays for the health of the country's top Coptic leader.

Beltagy Rejects Military Justice for Political, Media Personalities

Dr. Beltagy announces work through parliament to abolish military trials of civilians, soon.

Rady: Refusing Mosque Filming Wrong

MP Mohsen Rady denounced Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf’s decision to refuse director Ahmed Abdullah the right to film a movie scene inside a mosque, stressing, “We must support the mission