Parliament Begins Proceedings to Withdraw Confidence

As Egyptian Parliament draws closer to a final vote of no-confidence against the interim government, Ministers claim innocence of any wrongdoing in the case of NGO foreign funding, and Ganzouri

Jimmy Carter: I trust Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

In the face of warnings by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to tear up the Arab nation’s peace treaty with Israel if U.S. aid is cut, former President Jimmy Carter, the chief

MP Fateh Al-Bab: Christians Are Partners in Nation, Homeland, Parliament, Revolution, Constitution-Writing

Beyond proportions of representation in the Constituent Assembly, Egypt’s Freedom and Justice party seeks a Constitution that will be applied on the ground, not just legally fabulous texts.

FJP Female MPs: We Cooperate With Everyone in Parliament; Women Play Major Role

MP Azza Al-Garf believes that women are playing a significant role in Egyptian Parliament; but must play an even more positive part in the rejuvenation of their homeland.

Syrian National Council Urges World Stop Genocide at Syrian Assad Hands

Harrowing reports from Syria tell of more horrific massacres, mass rapes and cold-blooded executions by Assad forces, with 50 women and children murdered in their homes in a tiny town

Dr. Ghozlan Urges Global Protest Against Syrian Massacres; Demands Immediate Removal of Assad Regime

Brotherhood Media Spokesman pleads with international community for fast and effective action to halt Syrian massacres of innocent women and children perishing in droves at the hands of cold-blooded heinous