After Meeting With Pelosi, Katatni Demands World Powers Respect Law and State Sovereignty

Dr. Katatni told a U.S. Congress delegation that the Egyptian Parliament refuses interventions and threats and pressure to drop charges against the defendants in the NGO foreign funding case, and

German Social Democratic Party Chairman Pledges Economic, Industrial and Tourism Support for Egypt

Freedom and Justice party receives top German officials, in Cairo, urges support for Syrian revolution, and hails German rejection of Israeli settlement expansion.

Freedom and Justice Party Receives European Union Envoy to Southern Mediterranean

Dr. Gouda meets with EU envoy Leon and discusses trade relations and initiatives to bolster economic ties between the EU and Egypt.

Evangelical Church of Egypt (Synod of the Nile) Hails Brotherhood Chairman Visit

Dr. Andrea Zaki expresses the Church’s sincere appreciation for the Muslim Brotherhood chief’s visit, which “deepened understanding between us”, adding that, “We are determined to keep the principles of Islamic