Osama Yassin: 50% Parliamentarians for Constituent Assembly is Middle Course Among All Proposals

Although world constitutions are typically written by committees or assemblies comprising mostly members of any given country’s parliament, Egypt’s FJP seeks a true middle ground approach.

Dr. Badie Heads Muslim Brotherhood Delegation; Offers Condolences on Death of Pope Shenouda III

Brotherhood Chairman Badie mourns death of a great Coptic thinker and leader, describing him as a symbol of conservative wisdom who dedicated his life to the service of his homeland.

Freedom and Justice Party National Committee Supports Government Dismissal, Representation of All Egyptian Hues in

Egyptian economy is in a free fall, lawlessness and security chaos plague the streets – two major reasons the Brotherhood’s political wing cites for urgently seeking to withdraw confidence from

Muslim Brotherhood Shura Council to Discuss All Options to Address Transition Stalling and Failure to

With a seemingly intentional security vacuum, continued rights violations in Egypt creating a confidence gap, and a troubled transition causing the country serious economic losses and instability, the Brotherhood resorts