Fattah Leader Azzam Al-Ahmad: Reconciliation With Hamas Top Priority

As Palestinian stakeholders endeavor to resolve obstacles to a deal between leaders for a unity government, Dr. Morsi pledges Egypt’s full, positive support.

Dr. Morsi, Dutch Ambassador in Cairo: Egypt Deserves Urgent International Economic Aid

Ambassador Susan Blankhart believes Egyptians are a capable nation that will certainly overcome all hurdles and difficulties of the current transitional phase.

Brotherhood Leader Tells Egyptians Pope Shenouda Farewell Unforgettable

Dr. Badie recalls his last visit to Pope Shenouda, patriarch of the Coptic Church, who died on Saturday, aged 88, after a long battle with illness.

Freedom and Justice Party Delegation to Offer Condolences on Pope Shenouda’s Death

Dr. Morsi and top party leaders mourn the death of a great Egyptian thinker and a conservative Christian leader whose fight against illness never stopped him from working for unity

Dr. Morsi Assures IMF of His Party’s Resolve to Boost Egyptian Economy, Growth, Development

Dr. Morsi reiterates that the Government has not made the essential effort to find alternatives, to foreign borrowing, that would not increase the burden of public debt and the cost