Dr. Osama Yassin: We Do Not Fear Threats to Dissolve Parliament

It’s no use trying to turn the clock back, Egyptian MP Yassin responds to allusions and threats of pouncing on and destroying the January 25 revolution.

Justice Tariq Al-Bishri: Charter Writing Constituent Assembly Balanced

As Egypt fights to forge forward on the road of historical democratic transformation, its prominent constitutional law experts seem to dispel any doubts regarding the legality of its newly formed

Muslim Brotherhood Shura Council Debates Presidential Elections Next Tuesday

In a special meeting, Tuesday, the Brotherhood’s consultative assembly discussed the latest events and developments in the Egyptian political arena.

Dr. Fahmi to Anne Patterson: Looking Forward to International Relations Based on Justice, Equality

Ready to engage in dynamic, reciprocal international relations based on trust, democracy and equality, modern Egypt is restoring its traditional place at the forefront of the world’s nations.