Fahmi Howeidi: Parliament Has Undoubted Right to Draw Up Constitution

An independent analysis confirms that Islamists represent only 48% in Egypt’s newly elected constitution-writing committee with non-Islamists representing a significant 52%.

Hussein Ibrahim: Freedom and Justice Party Demands Ganzouri Government Resignation

Egypt’s majority party demands formation of a stable and responsible coalition government immediately, to replace the weak transitional Ganzouri Government.

Dr. Heshmat: We Extend Our Hands of Dialogue and Cooperation to All

Despite grumbling opponents’ whimpering objections, Egypt’s constitution-writing panel has achieved a solid national consensus honoring the revolution.

Constitutional Scholar Atef Al-Banna: True Democracy Requires Real Conviction

Scores of legal and constitutional scholars and experts assert that Egypt’s newly elected constituent panel, entrusted to draw up the country’s new constitution, is balanced and represents all segments, classes,

Dr. Hussein: Attempts to Sow Seeds of Strife and Isolate Brotherhood Will Fail

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein believes that attempts to drive a wedge between the Muslim Brotherhood and all official and political parties and stakeholders in Egypt, will go the futile way of

Freedom and Justice Party Delegation Visits UK

This week, March 25-30, a delegation from the Freedom and Justice Party began an official visit to the United Kingdom, to discuss ways to strengthen bilateral relations between the Egyptian

Senior Judges in Egypt: Field Marshal Not Entitled to Dissolve Parliament

As Egypt’s current military rulers allude at turning against the January 25 revolution, and threaten to dissolve the recently elected parliament, constitutional experts explain why it cannot.

Freedom and Justice Party Delegation on China Official Visit

With the Sino-Egyptian relationship described as strategic cooperation between two of the world’s most populous countries, the FJP seeks to forge even deeper and more mutually beneficial ties with China.