Abdel-Maksoud: Rule Suspending Constituent Assembly Unconstitutional

Muslim Brotherhood’s legal experts believe the ruling to suspend the 100-strong recently elected Egyptian constitutional assembly illegal and would shortly be declared invalid.

French Ambassador Visits Muslim Brotherhood Chairman

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman receives French Ambassador to Egypt, expresses gratitude for France’s stance in support of Syrian people against Assad’s brutally repressive regime.

Dr. Morsi: Freedom and Justice Party Respects Verdict on Constituent Assembly

Cairo – Tuesday: An Egyptian court issued an injunction blocking the function of the constitutional assembly set up by the country’s parliament and boycotted by most liberals.

Al-Shater Urges Egypt’s Stakeholders to Discuss Solution for Constituent Assembly Deadlock

Al-Shater: I call upon all political actors to start national dialogue, in order to end the impasse with regard to the committee entrusted with drawing up Egypt’s new national charter,

Dr. Katatni: By Law, MPs Can Withdraw Confidence from Government

Although both the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing, the FJP, have their focus directed sharply on ending the transition period peacefully, they are forced to confront the interim government

MB: We Measure Our Public Support Directly From the People, Not Through Media

Invariably, the Muslim Brotherhood’s focus is more on its direct dialogue and activity in the Egyptian street than on media reports and rumors of declining popularity, as it persistently forges

Egyptian People Rejected Omar Suleiman as Vice-President; Will Not Accept Him as President

Since Suleiman is one of the most recognized icons of the old corrupt regime, a monumental insult to the electorate – the noble Egyptian people who have sacrificed thousands in

Freedom and Justice Party Receives Ambassador of Comoros in Cairo

FJP Chairman discusses with Comoros Ambassador ways to bolster economic and trade relations between the two countries, as Egypt passes through a crucial historical moment in its march of democratic

Freedom and Justice Party Receives Italy’s Prime Minister Tuesday

Dr. Morsi holds talks, Tuesday, with Italian PM Mario Monti, who started on Monday a two-day visit to Egypt as part of a Middle East tour.

Dr. Morsi Holds Talks with Kuwaiti Ambassador in Cairo at FJP Headquarters

Dr. Mohamed Morsi discusses with Kuwait’s Ambassador Al-Hamad the way forward to bolster bilateral relations, and for the Gulf country to benefit from investment opportunities in Egypt.