Dr. Morsi: Egyptian Revolution Will Continue Until Former Regime Officials Banned

Displaying a disproportionate measure of audacity and impudence, vestiges of Egypt’s former regime threw their hat in the country’s presidential race, which led to Friday’s mass protest drawing people from

Dr. Ghozlan: Scene in Tahrir Square Affirms that People Will Protect their Revolution at Any

Walking from across the Egyptian capital Cairo, carrying posters and signs calling for a complete ban on Mubarak-era officials to prevent them from joining the country’s presidential race, hundreds of

Heshmat: The Egyptian People Will Protect their Revolution from Mubarak’s Remnants

Egyptian politicians and revolutionaries representing more than 40 different parties, groups and political and social movements vow not to allow a Mubarak regime rebound, nor rigging of the presidential elections.

Al-Shater, in Cairo: Renaissance Project Made by All Egyptians

While Egypt’s new presidential hopeful Al-Shater promises total overhaul of the country’s economy and security systems, vowing to solve daily living problems within months, he urges every citizen to do

Al-Shater: ‘Protect the Revolution’ Million-man March Confirms Rejection of Former Regime Rebound

Egypt’s revolutionary groups and movements gather today, unified in support of the country’s democratic transition, and in defense of the march towards a true and total democratic transformation.

Egyptian Parliament Passes Law Blocking Mubarak-Era Senior Figures’ Presidential Bids

Cairo – Thursday: Egypt’s lower House of Parliament has voted its final approval of legislation to sideline Mubarak’s senior officials, banning them from running for the country’s top job.

Al-Shater: Our Hands are Extended to All for Dialogue and Cooperation

The Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate for Egypt’s top job, Al-Shater, vows to honor international and bilateral agreements to which Egypt is signatory, while ambiguity on the political scene makes it difficult

Al-Shater to Azhar Students: Renaissance for Egypt Project Requires Youth’s Energies

It is said that promises do not cost money, but Egyptians know this presidential hopeful has more than words in his electoral platform as his campaign kicks off, albeit rather