Ashri: Once Again Al-Shater is Barred From Exercising His Political Rights

Adopting the approach and practices of Egypt’s repressive, defunct regime, the elections committee has absurdly insisted on its earlier ruling to disqualify Al-Shater, leaving the FJP’s Dr. Morsi to complete

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein Clarification Regarding Statements Attributed to Dr. Beltagy

Cairo – 17 April 2012: Translation of Egypt’s Brotherhood statement clarifying the organization’s official stance regarding Dr. Beltagy’s latest initiative for national accord.

Al-Shater: We Will Fight – Legally, Politically and Peacefully for Freedom and the Revolution

Former Brotherhood leader and current presidential contender Al-Shater reiterates that he never called for armed struggle within Egypt, nor anywhere else – unless the homeland is threatened with military aggression

Al-Shater in Menoufia: We Stand in Solidarity with the Poor, the Afflicted, the Oppressed, and

Despite doubts surrounding his eligibility to run for office, the Brotherhood chosen candidate for the Egypt’s top post is pursuing his electoral campaign in Menoufia where he urges people to

Dr. Beltagy: Constituent Assembly a Chance for National Accord

Ever the optimist, the FJP’s Beltagy sees a silver lining to the contentious political climate surrounding the formation of Egypt’s constitution-writing council: it could be a good opportunity for national

Al-Shater Lawyer Challenges Presidential Disqualification Decision

Muslim Brotherhood lawyer Abdel-Maksoud files an appeal against the presidential elections panel’s ruling to exclude moderate Islamist leader Al-Shater from Egypt’s race for the presidency.