Dr. Morsi Holds SCAF Responsible for Safety of Peaceful Protesters in Abbaseya, Protecting Right to

Amid gunshots and firebombs, hurled cement bricks and other projectiles targeting a group of peaceful protesters near the Egyptian Ministry of Defense in Cairo, neither army troops nor police or

Dr. Morsi: 20 Billion Pounds for the Reconstruction of Sinai over 5 Years

Dr. Mohamed Morsi revealed that Nahda Project has 20 billion Egyptian Pounds (US$3.33 billion) to be spent on the reconstruction of the Sinai during the first 5 years of implementing

Dr. Morsi: Sinai is Priority in Nahda (Renaissance) Project

Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party Chairman assures the people of El-Arish that a quarter of the Nahda Project is dedicated to the development of Sinai.

Ashri: Political Players Crisis of Confidence in Egypt Fading

As Egypt’s principal political and societal players gradually realize that there is virtually no dispute over most of the constitution’s content, consensus may be closer than most analysts think.

Dr. Katatni Urges All Parties for Broad Consensus on Constitution-Writing Panel Criteria

The Speaker of the Egyptian People’s Assembly calls on all principal actors on the scene to genuinely seek to reach consensus on criteria for formation of the country’s constitution-authoring committee.