Freedom and Justice Party Delegation Flies Off to Saudi Arabia to Help Mend, Improve Relations

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, partakes in a mission to resolve an issue with Saudi Arabia which recently shut its embassy and consulates in Egypt and recalled its

Libyan Islamists Unpacked: Rise, Transformation, and Future

Islamists played a decisive role in the Libyan revolution against Colonel Muammar al-Qadhafi. The extent of their influence in the new Libya has sparked concerns in the international community.

Highlights of “Morsi for President” Campaign

Giving true vitality to the concept of democracy, safeguarding political rights, rejuvenating and promoting tourism industry, are just a few of Dr. Morsi’s presidential objectives.

SAWASYA: Protection of Abbassiya Sit-in is SCAF Responsibility

According to one human rights authority, the highly persistent and well-organized murderous attacks on the peaceful sit-in of the Egyptian capital’s Abbassiya district indicate a deliberate attempt to subvert the

Erian: FJP Boycotted SCAF’s Meeting with Parties, Holds it Responsible for Abbassiya Bloodshed

Egypt’s national stakeholders agree to a massive million-man march and demonstrations on Friday, in response to the brutally violent events described by eyewitnesses as a bloody massacre of innocent peaceful