Gouda: Brotherhood’s Nahda Project Will Uplift Egypt in Four Years

Overhauling the security system and the Egyptian economy, assures FJP expert Gouda, is not only possible, but of great importance and consequence for long term rejuvenation, success and prosperity.

Journalists Go On Strike, Misr 25 Channel Staff Starts Sit-in

As Egyptian Military Police violates all red lines, assaulting media professionals performing their duty, reporting news from clash scenes near the Ministry of Defense building, Abbassiya, in Cairo, the national

Dr. Mohamed Morsi – A Brief Biography

A brief biography of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leader and contender in the forthcoming presidential race slated for 23 and 24 May 2012.

Dr. Morsi Assures Tourism Has Priority in Nahda Project

Egypt boasts an unrivaled wealth of tourist attractions, from stunningly beautiful beaches to havens of peace and relaxation, from majestic mountains to historical cities – all of which will soon