Al-Shater: Political Scene Frustrating; Ganzouri Government Paralyzed

Contradicting media myth, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood number two in command asserts that the organization’s popularity is indeed on the rise.

Parliament Amendments to Presidential Election Process Prevents Manipulation, Fraud

To allay public fears regarding possibilities of election fraud or vote-count manipulation, Egyptian parliament approves a new draft amendment to allow appeals against certain elections committee decisions usually immune to

Egyptian Community in France Holds Morsi Support Conference

Egyptian communities abroad organize various rallies, conferences and other events in support of Brotherhood candidate Dr. Morsi’s presidential bid for Egypt’s top post.

Press Statement from Presidential Candidate Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s Elections Campaign Media Centre

Egyptian presidential contender Morsi’s campaign goes on, despite a strike – described by observers as political adolescence – by the elections committee angry at the freely elected Parliament’s moves to

Dr. Morsi, in Kafr El-Sheikh: Egypt Will Never Again Become a Den of Corrupt Cronies

As Egyptians across the land gear up for the first free and fair presidential elections in long decades, the people commit their resolve to see the revolution through, never allowing

Dr. Morsi Visits Industrial Area in Menoufia Province

The Brotherhood leader, Dr. Morsi, tours a major industrial area in Menoufia, Egypt, meets the managing director of one of the largest privately owned industrial groups in the country, and