Ashri: Ruling to Suspend Presidential Elections Issued by Non-Competent Court

Controversial decision by administrative court raises many questions and causes concern for future of Egypt’s march from despotism to democracy, especially as court acts out of jurisdiction.

Pew: 70% of Egyptians Express a Favorable View of the Muslim Brotherhood

Despite economic difficulties and political uncertainty, Egyptians remain upbeat about the course of the nation and prospects for progress. Amid rancorous debates over the presidential election and the shape of

FJP Chairman Morsi Sends Congratulations Message to France’s New President

Egypt’s presidential contender Morsi congratulates France’s newly-elected leader on historic win for socialists, first in over two decades, ousting incumbent Sarkozy, the first French president not to win re-elections in

El-Erian: Morsi Will Win Presidential Election Outright from First Round

FJP deputy chief Erian assures that their candidate for Egypt’s top job will score big in the first round of the country’s upcoming presidential contest, and that Nahda Project will