Morsi Central Campaign Press Release

Nationwide vote-counting goes on, although 25 out of 27 provinces of Egypt have already announced results that leave the people with a stark choice of either Dr. Morsi, with a

Press Release No. 10 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

After 90% of ballots are counted, results indicate a polarizing run-off is necessary, between a new leadership that promises a complete change to the old corrupt ways and a bright

Press Release No. 7 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

It’s looking more certain by the minute that the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate is heading for victory in Egypt’s crucial presidential elections for which polling ended at 9PM (7PM GMT) earlier

Press Release No. 6 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

Egyptian electorate turnout on Thursday is reported to be noticeably higher than Wednesday, while long lines have been stretching for miles around some polling places.

Press Release No. 5 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

Millions of Egyptians have been turning out to vote for their new president, in a calm and dignified atmosphere, while some worry about the tremendous tasks looming on the horizon