Parliament’s Greatest Achievement Supports Rights of Female-Headed Households

Egypt’s Islamist-led parliament enacts new law amendments to provide financial and medical care help to women-headed households who were overlooked by the corrupt former regime.

Coptic Academic Urges Christians to Support Revolution and Brotherhood Candidate Morsi

According to Dr. Naguib, an Egyptian Coptic Christian, many of his fellow Copts will choose the Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice leader Dr. Morsi for president, to protect the

A Muslim Brotherhood win would resonate far beyond Egypt

The door to democracy is wide open. And what the movement does in power will have enormous influence on Islamists across the whole region.

Morsi Vows to Form a United Front Against Former Regime

Freedom and Justice chief and presidential contender, Dr. Morsi, pledges to form strong coalition government that will include leading members of other movements and orientations to stem the tide of