Steven A. Cook: How Egypt-Watchers Got The Presidential Race So Wrong

Observers, myself included, underestimated both the Muslim Brotherhood and many peoples' desires to return to something approximating the old order.

Impossible Similarity between Freedom and Justice Party and the Dissolved National Party

It is evident that some people hate Islamic movements regardless of what they are or whatever they are about in terms of ideas, ideologies and history. It is a kind

Egyptian Shura Council Calls on World Powers to Do Duty Towards Syrian People

Freedom and Justice leader Fahmi urges world governments to take more effective action to stop the murderous atrocities perpetrated by despotic Assad’s criminal comrades and security forces.

Morsi: Presidential Institution, Egypt’s New National Charter and New Cabinet are for All Egyptians

Morsi assures the people that the institution of the presidency will include Copts, women and revolutionary youth as well as other honorable presidential candidates; and he promises a constitution and