Fahmi to U.S. Lawmakers: Principles of Constitution Agreed, Respect Will of Egyptian People

The head of the Shura Council (Egypt’s upper house of parliament) welcomes efforts to bolster and deepen American-Egyptian relations, and urges the U.S. to help international initiatives to halt the

Abdel-Maksoud: Egyptian People Will Defeat Former Regime Holdovers in Run-Off Round

Although Egypt’s first competitive Presidential election ever had its negative aspects and a number of violations, errors and irregularities, the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing the FJP regard process-supervising

Seventeen Pledges by Dr. Mohamed Morsi to Egyptians before Runoff Elections

Egypt’s presidential elections front-runner Morsi vows to be the leader of all the people, and to improve the living and working conditions of all citizens, irrespective of color, race, religion

Morsi Presidential Campaign Announces New Slogan, New Spirit for Start of New Phase

Egyptian presidential contender, Dr. Morsi, shifts his campaign into higher gear for the upcoming runoff in the race for Egypt’s top post, with a new motto aimed to encourage people

FJP Delegation Attends Islamic Culture Week in Italy, Highlights Challenges Facing Egypt

Egyptian lawmakers and businessmen visit Italy – where the capital Rome hosts the Islamic Culture Week festival in the biggest mosque in Europe, and impress Italian parliamentarians, to bolster relations