Morsi Campaign: Deposed Mubarak and Partners Must be Re-Tried for Serious Crimes

Denouncing Mubarak’s trial as a shameful theatrical farce, Morsi campaign spokesman finds it absurd and unreasonable that the judge in today’s ruling jails the former president for life but acquits

Following Absurd Verdicts, Dr. Morsi Pledges Retribution for Revolution Martyrs and Re-trial of Culprits

Dr. Morsi pledges that – should he emerge the winner in the mid-June presidential runoff – he will seek retribution for the revolution’s martyrs and injured in a real trial

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Shocking Verdict in Martyr Killers’ Case

FJP urges all the noble people of Egypt to maintain the peaceful nature of their protests despite their great anger and frustration at the absurd ruling issued by court earlier

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Mubarak Trial Verdicts

Absurd, illogical, unreasonable, is how Egyptian people, including the Muslim Brotherhood, describe the rulings issued Saturday in the case against ousted president Mubarak, his sons and his senior police commanders

Muslim Brotherhood to Join Nationwide Protests against Shocking Verdicts in Mubarak Trial

Like the rest of the Egyptian public, the Brotherhood is shocked and dismayed by the court rulings issued earlier today – Saturday – in the case against ousted president Mubarak,

FJP Lawyer: Mubarak Trial Verdicts Legally Absurd

Sentencing ousted president Mubarak and his interior minister Adli to life in prison, Egyptian judge acquits his sons and six of his police commanders of killing over 850 peaceful protesters

Egyptian TV to Air Live Mubarak Sentencing Hearing, Saturday, on Charges of Murder, Corruption

Ashri demands upholding rule of law against criminal Mubarak, his sons and his senior officials accused of killing peaceful demonstrators and squandering state resources, in addition to other corruption and

32,000 Muslim Brothers Detained Under Old Regime Emergency Law

Brutal repression, torture, false imprisonment, illegal confiscation of personal property, travel bans, murder… just a few of the forms of oppression and injustice suffered by tens of thousands of Brotherhood