Morsi Statement Regarding His Meeting with Sabbahi and Aboul Fotouh

Press statement from Ahmed Abdel-Aati – campaign coordinator for Morsi – about the tripartite meeting between Mohamed Morsi, Hamdeen Sabbahi and Abdel-Moneim Aboul Fotouh.

Muslim Brotherhood to Participate in Tuesday’s Protests

The Brotherhood confirms participation in tomorrow’s protests across the provinces of Egypt, denouncing the lenient verdicts against Mubarak and his most senior aides.

Erian: Spirit of Revolution Still Burning in Egyptians’ Hearts

Freedom and Justice Party’s Vice Chairman reiterates that there is no turning back to loathsome dark times of oppression, tyranny and emergency laws, as he urges the Egyptian people to

Morsi Joins Protesters in Tahrir Square Denouncing Absurdly Lenient Verdicts

Revolutionary youths carry presidential contender Morsi on their shoulders in Egypt’s famed liberty square, as they together with Muslim Brotherhood youths condemn ousted Mubarak’s trial outcome as a shameful travesty