Morsi to Bedouin Arab Tribes: Egyptians are All Equal

Gone are the days when despotic regimes put down certain segments or ethnicities to divide the nation and rule the homeland more easily by depriving the people of their essential

Morsi Pledges to Martyrs’ Families a Re-Trial for Killers of Revolutionaries

Representative of Martyrs’ families give their trust and confidence to the Brotherhood’s presidential candidate, Dr. Morsi, to exact fair retribution against killers of their children during the revolution.

Ghozlan Refutes Defunct Regime Remnants’ False Claims and Accusations

Brotherhood spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan rejects Ahmed Shafiq’s slanderous attacks, claims and allegations against the venerable organization, proving who is the ne plus ultra of old guard hangovers.

Muslim Brotherhood: Presidential Council Good Idea, Lacks Legitimacy

Although the Brotherhood sees some good aspects in presidential council suggestion, it rejects it – after careful study by legal experts – as constitutionally infeasible and impracticable.