SPEC’s Failure to Investigate Shafiq’s Corruption Remains Puzzling

While Dr. Morsi’s campaign hails Egyptian judiciary’s role in safeguarding the free and fair nature of the presidential elections, question marks still hang on the elections panel for failing to

Erian: Military Police Arrest Powers Decision Falls Under Parliament Oversight

While Egypt’s Minister of Justice suddenly announces he is to empower military and intelligence police officers to arrest civilians, the FJP promptly announces that his decision is subject to parliamentary

Ghozlan: Decision to Grant Intelligence and Military Police Arrest Powers a Restriction of Freedoms

A new step back into the dark dungeons of loathsome despotic times was significantly taken in a rush by Egyptian Cabinet, just before the Constitutional Court issues its rulings on

33 Public Figures Reject Shafiq’s Accusations of The Muslim Brotherhood

Rejecting former Prime Minister Shafiq’s absurd claims against the Muslim Brotherhood, prominent Egyptian personalities from across the political and social spectrum reverse his charges, accusing Shafiq and his aides of

Morsi Campaign Hails April 6 Movement’s Endorsement of Morsi as Wise Decision

Dr. Morsi’s presidential campaign assures that Egypt’s political parties, groups and stakeholders have forged enduring national harmony that unites them all against corrupt former regime hangovers.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Constituent Assembly Final Formation

The FJP announces completion of the arduous task of forming the constitution-writing panel entrusted with authoring the country’s new national charter.

Dr. Morsi Lashes out at Scarecrow Tactics Used by Shafiq’s Campaign

Dr. Morsi refutes his presidential rival’s blatant lies, rumors and false accusations, which contrast blindingly with Morsi’s own commitment to truthfulness and an honorable campaign.

Landslide Victory for Morsi in Egyptian Expat Vote

Landslide victory in Egyptian expats’ presidential runoff voting indicates impact of higher electorate turnout as Morsi scores 75% of valid votes, after all polling stations abroad have counted ballots.

Dr. Morsi in Kafr El-Sheikh: I Am Confident of Judges’ Ability to Stop Fraud in

The revolution’s presidential contender meets elders and top leaders of the Egyptian governorate of Kafr El-Sheikh, and pledges to focus on their problems and to support full rejuvenation of the