Morsi Central Campaign’s Statement on Constitutional Court Rulings

After a court acts out of jurisdiction to dissolve the constitution-writing Assembly, and another acquits Mubarak’s top aides and police commanders of all murder and corruption charges, on Thursday another

Press Statement by People’s Assembly Speaker on Constitutional Court Ruling

Even to the most casual onlooker, there seems to be truth in the suggestion that interim Prime Minister Ganzouri is delivering on his promise to dissolve Egyptian parliament, despite the

Morsi Aims to Increase Number of Tourists Visiting Egypt to 20 Million

Presidential contender Morsi assures tourism workers of greater focus on their problems, and pledges tremendous development for the whole industry, with a promise of raising number of tourists to twenty

Morsi Vows Nubians Return to Own Lands and Homes

Morsi assures that circulating reports about him saying that the Nubian people are a tiny minority are nothing but blatant lies and disgraceful smear tactics contrived by corrupt regime hangovers.