Freedom and Justice Party Rejects SCAF’s Coup D’état against Democracy

The FJP affirms that the interim ruling Military Council – that was not elected by the people – does not have the right to dissolve a democratically elected parliament, assume

Morsi, Egypt’s President-Elect, Victory Statement

The first elected president in Egypt’s history celebrates victory in the final runoff after reliable tallies – from Morsi Campaign representatives based at polling stations across the country – show

Katatny: SCAF’s Complementary Constitutional Declaration is Null and Void

Katatni tells SCAF complementary constitutional declaration is – for many reasons, evidently unconstitutional, as he rejects both the dissolution of the elected Parliament and SCAF’s addendum to the Constitutional Declaration.

Mohamed Morsi Campaign Press Release (1) – Runoff Presidential Elections, Second Day

The second day of the final round of Egypt’s first competitive presidential race in many long decades progressed smoothly enough, despite the scorching hot sun and the ‘usual’ irregularities, violations