Ashri: Freedom and Justice Party to Appeal SCAF’s Disbanding of Parliament

FJP legal committee president assures party seeks to uphold the rule of law without circumventing the will of the people or allowing any authority to encroach upon the other.

Morsi’s Campaign Declares 52% Victory Based on Official Records from All Polling Stations

Having checked and rechecked ballot-count records, signed by judges in 100% of Egypt’s voting centers, Morsi’s campaign announces their candidate has definitely won 52% of the vote.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on The Complementary Constitutional Declaration

There is one word to describe the interim ruling Military Council (SCAF)’s rush to dissolve Egypt’s first ever freely elected parliament, ostensibly because the SCAF-made law on which parliamentary elections

Morsi Campaign Makes Confirmed Victory Data Available to All

Even though they are still ‘unofficial’, polling station vote tallies approved by presiding judges in 100% of Egypt’s provinces prove that Dr. Mohamed Morsi is undoubtedly the winner of Egypt’s

Press Conference Tuesday to Announce Detailed Results for Morsi’s Victory as President of Egypt

Dr. Morsi’s campaign announces a presser at 11AM (local time; 9AM GMT) on Tuesday, in which it will reveal full details of ballot results confirming Morsi’s victory.

Erian Denies Discussions on Formation of New Government and Constitutional Oath of Office

Exhorting media outlets to commit to professional standards and the ethical code of honor regarding truth and accuracy, Erian rejects as fabrications a persistent offender’s false reports on his party’s