Heshmat: Military Council Copies Mubarak; Hinders Democratic Transition

Freedom and Justice party denounces Military Council’s latest statement, a leaf taken from ousted Mubarak’s black book, and the threats it makes against the revolution and peaceful protesters.

Freedom and Justice Party Sues Al-Dostour Newspaper for Slanderous Fabrications

Dr. Erian calls upon Egyptian media to commit to professional standards of truth and accuracy in stories they report about the Freedom and Justice Party and its eminent leaders.

Morsi Campaign Press Conference at Fairmont Hotel to Discuss Latest Developments

Following yesterday’s national accord meetings between President-elect Dr. Morsi and a large number of Egypt’s prominent personalities, political players and stakeholders, Morsi’s campaign holds a presser today (at 3:30pm local

Ashri: Postponement of Presidential Elections Announcement Troubling; Confuses Political Scene

Egypt’s elections commission is taking its time to investigate the usual ‘minor’ irregularities and violations complaints with unprecedented meticulous determination that make Egyptians nervous, smelling a ‘deep state’ conspiracy.

Erian: Our Hands Are Extended to Build and safeguard This Homeland

Freedom and Justice party vice-chairman invites evidently losing presidential candidate Shafiq to concede defeat, in an honorable gesture that should greatly calm the turbulent waters of Egyptian politics.

Beltagy: Extended Dialogue Among Revolutionary Forces for Real All-Embracing Partnership

Freedom and Justice party reaches out to all parties, groups and movements across Egypt’s revolutionary and political spectrum, seeking a powerful broad alliance in the face of tyrannical forces of