Freedom and Justice Party Receives Britain’s Ambassador in Cairo

British Ambassador in Cairo congratulates ‘Freedom and Justice’ on Morsi elections win, offers Britain’s support in all economic and technical fields, and hopes for bolstering bi-lateral cooperation.

Journalists for Reform: Assault on Foreign Journalist in Egypt is Unrepresentative

Egyptian young journalists condemn mob-attack on UK Daily Mail’s Natasha Smith, in Egypt; and assert that the Egyptian Journalists' union is quite capable of safeguarding her rights.

Azza Al-Garf Regrets Attacks on Freedom and Dignity of Women

Following last Sunday’s sex assault on British journalist Natasha Smith, by a mob of thugs, MP Azza Al-Garf stresses that existing laws must be applied firmly to stop this becoming

Egypt’s National Front Meets to Support True Partnership with Presidential Institution

Various parties, groups and movements making up the Egyptian national front meets in preparation for real endeavors to achieve the goals of the January 25 (2011) revolution as well as