Freedom and Justice Party: Tourism Will Surge as Stability is Established by President Morsi

Egypt’s long-hoped-for tourism boom has already started, with higher numbers of tourists and better resort and hotel occupancy, and the FJP’s tourism official promises even rosier seasons.

El-Prince: Ex-Regime Security Elements Endeavor to Terrorize Egyptians Following Morsi’s Election

Certain media outlets seem to conspire with Mubarak-era holdovers and legacy security elements to scare and punish the Egyptian people for choosing someone not affiliated with the corrupt defunct regime.

Constituent Assembly Secretary-General: Consensus Means National Charter for All

Egypt’s Constitution-writing panel continues to work, seeking a strong broad-based consensus representing the full Egyptian political and social spectra, in order to author a national charter for all.

Delegation of U.S. Companies and Businessmen Visits Luxor to Promote Tourism

With tourism surging in Egypt, in recent months, the country hopes to attract 25 million tourists a year, marketing its ancient civilization sites as well as several other attractions like

Adviser to the President: New Committee is Formed to Re-Investigate Killing of Revolutionaries

For his first 100 days in office, Dr. Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president, has a long list of important, even crucial, tasks to go through; and he is certainly