‘Clean Homeland’ Campaign Launched Today in Cairo and Other Governorates

Political, social and youth groups and movements across Egypt are positively participating in efforts to clean up the streets across the entire country in a ‘Clean Homeland’ initiative called by

Dr. Omaima Kamel: New Constitution Will Safeguard Women’s Rights in Full

According to Ms Kamel, member of Egypt’s charter-authoring panel, the best guarantee that women will always get their full rights is through education and enlightenment.

Broad Consensus Achieved in Constitution-Writing Panel Working Committees

Egypt’s constituent assembly tasked with writing the country’s new national charter is approaching the end of final wording stage in an atmosphere of harmony between the various committees at work.

Amnesty International Criticizes Ethiopian Gov’t Over Rights Violations Against Muslim Protesters

Widespread violations feared in clampdown on Muslim protests Amnesty International is concerned over the fate of scores of Muslim protestors arrested in Ethiopia during July.