Legal Action Called Against Instigators of Violence

Muslim Brotherhood lawyer demands forceful legal action to stop former regime loyalists inciting violent attacks, arson and destruction of offices of the Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party across

Darrag: Drafting of Egypt’s Constitution End of This Week

Assuring that Egypt’s upcoming Constitution caters for all society and citizens, the charter-writing panel announces final authoring of the country’s most important document at the end of this week.

Information Minister: Mass Media Will Reflect All Egyptians

Egypt’s new Information Minister expresses confidence that his affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood will make him a better fairer civil-servant, and promises an all-inclusive perspective in his Ministry.

Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Attack on Rafah Border Crossing

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing strongly condemns brutal attack on Egyptian border guards near Rafah crossing in North Sinai, which claimed the lives of at least fifteen and injured another