Khattab: Muslim Brotherhood Economic Program is Based on Free Market, Social Justice

Egypt’s Brotherhood refutes claims by old-regime hangovers that it does not have any economic strategy, assuring – to the contrary – that its already published economic program is the most

Freedom and Justice Party: We Will Study IMF Loan Details As Soon As We Receive

Egypt’s FJP assures that its decision and therefore position regarding the IMF loan will depend on whether it serves the interests of the homeland and the people, based on data

Freedom and Justice Party: Egypt Resources Sufficient Substitute for World Bank Loans

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood political wing, the FJP, assures that the country can rely on its own resources to forge forward, progress and prosper, away from ‘painkiller’ IMF loan solutions, with

Muslim Brotherhood: We Respect Right to Peaceful Protest and Demonstration

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters and offices across the country will remain open on August 24 and 25, despite dubious calls by old regime hangovers to attack and vandalize them.