Shehabeddin: Critics of Supreme Council of Press Not Used to Intellectual Diversity and Multiplicity

While Egypt's new press council appointments include journalists, editors-in-chief, legal experts, politicians and academics – of varying intellectual and political orientations, some critics can still find fault in new formation.

President Morsi Appoints Ten New Provincial Governors Across Egypt

Countering negative media reports claiming Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood is monopolizing power, the new Egyptian President’s latest phase of appointments is clearly based on merit, rather than political orientation.

Economist Badr Al-Din Welcomes US Moves for $1 Billion Egypt Debt Relief

Freedom and Justice Party’s economy expert Ashraf Badr Al-Din is confident a possible U.S. deal to drop one billion dollars off Egypt’s approximately three billion dollar debt would help the

Mukhtar Ashri: Democratic Elections Our Way for Freedom and Justice Party Chairman Selection

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood political wing, the FJP, seeks new chief to replace Mohamed Morsi who has recently been elected as the country’s President.

Muslim Brotherhood: Provincial Governor Appointment a Presidential Matter

Egypt’s Brotherhood assures that it does not seek to influence selection process for appointing new governors of provinces across the country, affirming that it leaves such matters to the Presidential