Hamas: Violating All International Treaties and Conventions, Israel Still Targets Civilians

In the face of a ruthless bloody war machine, Hamas finds no alternative to armed resistance, as Israel persistently targets residential areas and buildings, killing scores of civilians, women and

Egypt Continues Fight at United Nations for Myanmar Muslims Rights

Egypt’s UN delegation continues to coordinate action to help persecuted Myanmar Muslims and defend their most basic right to a safe decent life, as extremist Buddhists kill and maim hundreds

Erian: Egypt Fully Supports Palestinian People

In post-revolution Egypt and the Arab Spring scene, there is no place for make-believe peace with Israel where the Zionist monstrosity blockades and imprisons millions of virtually unarmed people, and

Katatni Heads Delegation of Political Parties and Movements in Gaza Support Visit

A delegation of Egyptian politicians visits Gaza Monday headed by FJP Chairman Katatni to show support and solidarity with besieged Palestinian people being savagely attacked by Israeli forces from the