Farid Ismail: Some Constituent Assembly Withdrawals Merely a Media Show

Egypt’s constitution-writing panel exceeds 80,000 hours of work in 5 months; meets and canvasses opinions of millions of Egyptians in all provinces across the country; ploughs on despite ‘strategic’ withdrawal

Katatni After Gaza Visit: Egyptians Are United in Their Support of Palestinians Against Zionist War

Witnessing firsthand a lot more than he ever heard of Israeli atrocities against innocent children, women and civilians of Gaza, FJP chief Katatni speaks out from Shifa Hospital, promising Egyptian

Beltagy: Egypt Liberals and Secularists Shun Democracy When It Does Not Put Them in Power

Minority or not, Egypt’s liberal and secularist politicians believe democracy must put them in office, or they will abandon the whole idea.

SAWASYA: International Community Neglects Rights of Palestinian and Syrian Children

While hundreds of Palestinian and Syrian children are killed and maimed by ruthless regimes, the world witnessing their horrendous tragedies mostly ignores their indescribable suffering.

Ghariani: Charter-Drafting Panel Received No Formal Withdrawals from Church or Any Other Members

Affirming that Egypt’s constitution-writing panel follows democratic processes every step of the way as it draws up the country’s most important document, the panel’s head announces he received no official