Erian: Current Mohamed Mahmoud Street Clashes Bizarre

Freedom and Justice Party leader Erian expresses shock at new Mohamed Mahmoud St clashes, which he believes involve ‘hidden hands’, and at declared withdrawals from the charter-drafting panel, some of

Erian: Arabs and Muslims Can Contribute to Achieving World Peace

Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party deputy chief Erian urges Palestinians to unite and end all internal strife, affirming that the Muslim and Arab world can contribute a great deal in

Freedom and Justice Party and Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Support Non-Violent Protests

Although Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing, the FJP, are keen to listen to others’ views, they denounce Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes, violence and mindless insults as totally unacceptable

Hamas: Truce Deal is Victory for Palestinian Resistance, Thanks to Egypt Historic Role

Egypt-brokered peace deal between Hamas-ruled Gaza and Israel is hailed as a triumph for the Islamic Resistance Movement and the heavily blockaded tiny Gaza Strip.