Yasser Ali: Constitutional Declaration Follows Proper Consultations; Targets Fair Trials

According to Egyptian Presidency, Mohamed Morsi did meet with and consult most political groups’ chiefs before issuing the Constitutional Declaration on Thursday.

Football Star Abu-Treika: President Decrees Revolutionary; Bring Hope

Popular football player Abu-Treika sees President Morsi’s Constitutional Declaration as a serious effort to fulfill the demands of the Egyptian people and the January 25 revolution, without further delay.

Badawi: President’s Decrees Made Immune for Loss of Confidence in Politicized Judiciary

Egyptian constitutional expert Badawi affirms President Morsi Declaration ‘immunity’ is necessary to protect revolutionary progress towards true justice and real change.

Erian Condemns Attacks on Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party Headquarters

With many thugs and criminals already in police custody for attacking and burning Brotherhood and FJP offices, it certainly is no exaggeration to say that there is a lot more

Alexandria Brotherhood: Liberal and Secular Forces Violated Our Offices; We Respect Rule of Law

While known thugs are caught red-handed for torching Egypt Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in three provinces, the Brotherhood vow to never resort to such heinous maneuvers.