Mahsoub: Refusing to Let Egypt Move towards Stability with New Constitution is True Tyranny

Those who are doing their worst to delay writing of Egypt’s new charter and throw obstacles in the country’s path of democratic transformation are indeed the self-appointed dictators.

Beltagy: Morsi Decree Rejectionists Keen to See Military Council Generals Back in Power

Freedom and Justice Party Secretary believes Egyptian President Morsi’s Decrees save the country and the revolution from a disastrous fate, as Supreme Constitutional Court judges prematurely talk of their ready

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Recent Constitutional Declaration

The FJP holds that appointing a new Public Prosecutor for Egypt guarantees the integrity and seriousness of fresh investigations of ousted Mubarak’s senior officials accused of murdering unarmed revolutionaries.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Events of Friday, November 23

Translation of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Statement regarding the President’s Constitutional Declaration Thursday and the events that followed on Friday.