Judicial Body: President Prudent Decision Protects Revolution

Seeing the world through tunnel vision certainly makes media professionals err, reversing all facts, persistently, claiming that Egypt President Morsi has no right to issue a constitutional declaration when indeed

Heshmat: Murder of Young Brother Result of Incitement by Parties Adopting Violent Approach

Egyptian Freedom and Justice Party leader Heshmat holds that 15-year old Muslim Brotherhood Martyr Islam Masoud was killed Sunday as a result of political parties resorting to ferocious violence as

Erian: Some Fear Democracy, the Constitution, Elections and the New Public Prosecutor

In Egypt, revolutionary action turning serious worries thousands of corrupt Mubarak-era beneficiaries and criminal cronies who now fear democracy, accountability and the people’s free will.

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman: Despite Violence and Arson Against Us, We Call for Honest Rivalry

While certain parties resort to violent and murderous methods – including thuggery, arson and even murder – in their implementation of ‘democracy’, the Muslim Brotherhood has only ever used peaceful

Murad Ali: Morsi Decrees Truly Patriotic, Serve Egypt Interests

Freedom and Justice Party’s Murad Ali assures that Egypt President Morsi’s Decrees are patriotic, and pre-empt heinous plots which are already unfolding.

Shoaib: Acts of Sabotage Threaten Lives of Ordinary People

Freedom and Justice Party leader Shoaib asserts that certain Mubarak loyalists have started a barbaric sabotage campaign that is already hurting the Egyptian man in the street.