Abdel-Maksoud: Constitutional Court Maneuvers to Use Media Pressure for Political Gains

The Supreme Constitutional Court’s decision not to hold any sessions Sunday (a normal work-day in Egypt) was purely political: judges simply refused to leave their homes in the protection of

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Egypt Judiciary Crisis

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, condemns violence in all demonstrations and popular protests, and rejects actions that disrupt citizens’ lives and daily living.

Walid Shalaby: Muslim Brotherhood Supports Strengthening of State Institutions

Vowing to aid efforts building up the country’s state institutions, Egypt Muslim Brotherhood will not disrupt the work of judges or courts – contrary to yet more false reports by

Egypt Presidency Seeks Serious National Dialogue with Opposition Parties, Groups and Movements

Reiterating its respect for all opposition views, Egypt Presidency vows to boost citizens’ rights and freedoms, as it looks out for national accord, dialogue and harmony.