Hossam Ghariani: Constituent Assembly and New Constitution Statistics Speak for Themselves

Egyptian charter-writing committee says members spent 1862 work-hours, received and dealt with more than a million opinions and comments, and held 160 hearing sessions and 488 dynamic discussion plenary sessions,

Organizers of Demonstration Outside Presidential Palace Bear Full Responsibility

Freedom and Justice Party media adviser Murad Ali warns organizers of a demonstration Tuesday outside Egypt Presidential Palace that they will be held to account for any violence or vandalism

Legal Campaign Accuses Egypt Supreme Constitutional Court of Political Maneuvering

With all its members appointed by ousted Mubarak and cronies, Egypt’s Constitutional Court handled cases in an explicitly selective and heavily politicized manner unbecoming of a court of any kind.

In Million-Man Marches Saturday, Rallies from Alex and Cairo to Assiut, People’s Revolutionary Will Shines

Massive, passionate, peaceful, dignified, unprecedented – are the ‘billion-man’ demonstrations comprising supporters of 48 different Egyptian political, social and revolutionary parties and movements on Saturday in support of Morsi’s decrees