Brotherhood’s Mahmoud Hussein Presser on Opposition Attacks Against Supporters of President

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mahmoud Hussein denounces violence, urges Morsi supporters to keep their demonstrations peaceful, and pleads with opposition forces to act rationally and accept unconditional negotiations and dialogue.

Freedom and Justice Party’s Darrag Warns of Fake Constitution Copies Being Distributed

While the Freedom and Justice Party’s Beltagy hails Egypt’s new Constitution as a historic leap for the homeland and the people, the Party’s Darrag warns of fake copies of the

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: People Protect Legitimacy and Vote for New Constitution

Amid desperate and persistent attempts to keep Egypt in a permanent state of chaos and confusion, the Muslim Brotherhood and other patriotic pro-democracy parties and movements mobilize to defend the

Is There an Egyptian Nation?

The current protests aren't about the President Mohamed Morsi's power grab -- this fight is over something far more basic.

Brotherhood Press Release on Pro-Democracy Demonstration Outside Presidential Palace

Muslim Brotherhood and other pro-democracy parties, groups and movements have issued a statement calling Egyptian people to join a mass demonstration and rally outside the Presidential Palace in support of

Media Strike Attempt to Settle Accounts by Former Regime Hangovers

Egyptian Newspapers and satellite TV channels on strike Tuesday and Wednesday are trying to settle accounts for former regime holdovers and loyalists who stubbornly refuse democratic transformation.