Katatni: FJP Will Discuss All Initiatives; Urges All to Accept Dialogue

Freedom and Justice Party Chairman believes that dialogue without pre-conditions is the only way out of the current crisis in Egypt.

Habib: Constitution Opponents Ultimately Fear Ballot-box

Freedom and Justice Party’s former Vice-Chairman Habib points that opponents of Egypt’s new constitution know they do not have the power to persuade people and win them over, and are

Heshmat: Current Crisis Calls for Dialogue, Not Confrontation and Escalation

Freedom and Justice leader Heshmat assures everyone would be pleased, if they knew the President’s Constitutional Declaration safeguards the democratic transformation process, and that the national charter is a document

Hussein: I Hold Interior Ministry Responsible for Repeated Attacks on Brotherhood Headquarters

Over the past few days, a number of Muslim Brotherhood personnel and offices were brutally attacked by armed thugs, every day, in an organized manner, aided and abetted by leaders

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Violent Clashes Outside Itehadia Presidential Palace

The FJP urges Egypt’s Public Prosecutor to continue serious investigations into the Itehadia Presidential Palace clashes in which thugs armed with guns, knives, Molotov cocktails and tear-gas bombs brutally attacked